How can I help you?

Support, stability and emotional clearing

If you’re feeling inside-out, troubled, oversensitive, unstable, weird, or like you don’t belong here, Kaia offers compassionate understanding – she’s been there. She also offers a wide range of body-centred, emotionally-connected spiritual skills to help you stabilize and find your way forward. Click here


Embody your awareness through yoga and dance

Ecstatic dance and yoga enable us to connect spiritually and physically. Enjoy these uplifting, health-enhancing sessions! Click here for dance, workshops and yoga, Coming soon: Shinrin Yoku forest therapy walks.

Co-creating a more conscious world

A future beckons where separation gradually gives way to unification, where our food growing, sourcing of needs and reason for living all become more conscious. We each hold keys. Kaia offers workshops, events and personal mentoring. Read Visions Co-creating our future.

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