Services offered

Kaia Nightingale, MA, is a workshop and ceremony facilitator, author, film maker and spiritual councillor since 1986. Her work opens and deepens consciousness through meditation, chanting, yoga, dance, inspirational talks and presentations. She facilitates classes, workshops and events, and offers individual counselling to inspire and support personal transformation.

Her DVDs, CDs and books provide practical information and insights to help navigate the challenges of profound internal change.

Personal help

If your life is inside out and you are looking for guidance and support, contact Kaia for a compassionate ear and a wide range of practical, spiritually based skills for navigating any mental instability and dark nights of the should. In this non-medical approach, nothing is too strange – past lives, energy sensitivity, entities, spirit guides … Kaia went through profound transformation herself; she knows how it feels. She works through inner strengthening, energetic grounding, emotional clearing, healing after breakdowns, understanding and integrating unusual experiences to enable healing and new skills.

Collective Transformation

Kaia is a visionary leader, bridge builder and weaver of dreams helping to co-create practical possibilities to birth a healthier, more conscious future that resonates in closer alignment with spirit and the natural world.

Permaculture trained author, film maker and vibrant speaker, she is passionate about gentle low-carbon lifestyles, year-round verge growing. She co-founded and currently runs Transition Ottawa, and gives talks and presentations in Canada and abroad. For coming events and an animation showing a new economic model, click here.

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