Spiritual Counsellor / Transformation Coach

Kaia offers capable, caring support and guidance for a wide range of spiritual  challenges and personal transformation needs. Her wide-ranging understanding comes from extensive first hand experience, scientific research and client work. Her sessions draw from a wide range of therapeutic, body-centred and spiritual disciplines. She specializes in non-medical approaches to spiritual conditions diagnosed as, or feared to be, mental illness. She offers guidance, practical steps and resources to help integrate the unusual experiences and increased sensitivity that may arise through kundalini awakening, mystical experiences, bereavement, shamanic plant medicines, stressful life situations, or for no apparent reason.
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Reaching for higher potential, self-actualization, transcendence, realization

Post-awakening sensitivity and confusion. Kundalini, unusual experiences, spiritual crisis

Spirit meets matter, managing daily life, aligning with soul purpose,

Group Sessions for personal transformation – Ottawa, Fall 2018

Kaia's Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance: fun, creative, embodied awareness

Kaia's Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing

Deeply relaxing Shinrin Yoku Forest Experiences

Kaia's yoga class

Hatha, yin and flow classes at Carleton University

Kaia's workshop

Workshops, presentations and events