Living our full potential encompasses all facets of us: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Coaching helps you:

-Clarify your aspirations. Coaching helps draw forward what might be only dimly conscious
-Explore ancient and new practices to that get you where you want to go
-Discover the consciousness-opening practices that work best for you
-Build your personal energy field, centred core, tranquility and love
-Increase insight, clarity, open heartedness and balance

This inner work directly transforms relationships, creativity, soul/career congruence and lifestyle choices

Kaia is a yogini with training in shamanic medicine, sound healing, qigong, forest therapy and permaculture. For 20 years she lived as a yogic practitioner in ashrams, including 13 years in the Himalayas. She has been teaching, facilitating and counselling for 30 years. She completed BSc and MA degrees in psychology with a focus on altered states of consciousness and meditators internal experiences. or more details on Kaia’s training, please click here.

Two wings are needed to fly to freedom: one that opens to ever more light, clarity, consciousness and joy
and another to shine this light on our shadows until our all limitations dissolve

What is self-actualization?

When you fully stand in your skin, embodied, aware, open, and breath love and possibility. It’s being authentically you on all levels, aligned with your life purpose, empowered, energized, inspired, intuitive and accessing your gifts. It’s all the potential you sense you can be. Every step you make in this direction enhances your quality of life and all those around you.

How is it attained?

Self-actualization is partly about upgrading your body and mind to resonate at the potential of your being while incarnated in dense physicality in a world economically designed for striving and being constantly on the run. We can chunk this down:

  1. Increasing light through specific practices, lifestyle, tantra, awareness and intention
  2. Reducing limitations and shadows through emotional clearing and mental re-patterning
  3. Upgrading work, relationships and living situations to remain in resonance with internal transformation

Use the contact form HERE to arrange a session time. Indicate times you are available and if you are in crisis.

In person (Kaia is currently in Ottawa): $95/hr 9-5:00; 3 session bundle $225. After 5:00 pm and at weekends $120/hr. Funds can be emailed to contact (at) kaia . ca and through credit card or PayPal, using the button below.

Online or phone: $50 1/2 hour; $75 1 hour, $90 1 1/2 hours
3 x 1 hr sessions bundle: $195; 5 session bundle $290

Couples and friends can share sessions
If you seek help but have insufficient exchange, tell me something about yourself. Inspire me!