Personal Mentoring

As occasionally or as regularly as you need it, Kaia can be at your side to help you navigate the rougher situations life presents, and make the best use of the ‘good times,’ helping you keep on track with your goals and life direction. Kaia’s mentoring is supportive and positively framed. She has been through a few hedges backwards. She’ll understand.

Key to your personal success is remaining closely aligned with your soul purpose, able to distinguish the overlay of learned social conditions, parental and peer expectations, and the fears and limitations arising from unhealed emotions. Your power is in your authenticity, and ability to remain autonomous while working co-creatively with others around you.

Mentoring is particularly helpful during times when we are easily strayed off track – in jobs or relationships, just setting out on a spiritual path, when life is presenting us with many decisions and everyone around holds a different opinion!

Soul connection
Decision-making skills
Finding and keeping one’s center
Learning to read one’s body-mind
Time management
Clarifying priorities, values and beliefs
Exploring intuition


Skype/phone: $45 1/2 hour; $70 1 hour, $95 1 1/2 hours    3 x 1 hr sessions bundle: $195;   5 session bundle $290
In person: $85/hr 9-5:00; 3 sessions $225;  After 5:00 pm and at weekends $110/hr .

Couples/friends may share a session for the same price.
Student rates and sliding scale may be available – please inquire