Free counselling mini-session

This mini-session gives you a chance to know what I can offer you and if this is a good fit. Fifteen minutes is short. Before the session, become as clear as you can. What help do you most need? There are many areas you may need help with. Here are some typical presenting issues: -I feel weird. I’m having strange experiences. What is going on? -No one understands me. They look at my face and say, ‘you look fine to me.’ I need to connect with someone who really understands. I want to tell my experience to someone who knows and won’t judge me. -Am I going crazy? How do I know if I’m crazy or not? -After this energy went up my spine, I don’t seem to sleep or eat much. I feel great, but my family think I need to see a doctor. -I had this beautiful experience of light and love, then spiralled into a depression. Did I do something wrong? Yogis, meditators and healers who have done some reading might ask: -I had an awakening. I’m getting mixed messages from what I read about whether spiritual practice should be continued or not. What is right for me? -After my Reiki training I felt like I was going nuts with too much energy coming through. I’ve become sensitive to everything. My Reiki teacher has no idea why. What’s wrong? How do I re-balance? -I’ve lost my usual sense of myself, as if I don’t know who I am any more. What happened? Am I going to be OK? For your free 15 minute introductory session, please use the contact form here. To save correspondence, offer some times you’re available. Also indicate your urgency – if you are in crisis or just curious.