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Completed Village Outreach Projects

Women’s Centre, Nadukuppam Field

A safe, stimulating environment for woman’s SHG, this center is a hub of knowledge that provides opportunities for women to interact, expand their horizons, and learn sustainable practices they can bring to their community. [Photo?]

Rural Women’s Enterprise, Nadukuppam

Pitchandikulam has helped establish three rural women’s enterprises that provide sustainable livelihoods for village women.


1 Amirtha Herbal Remedies

Emerging out of the SEDAB (Sustainable Development in the Auroville Bioregion) project, Amirtha Herbal Medicines is a unit that collects medicinal plants, processes them into products, and markets these products as natural alternatives to chemical medicines.  Workshops are offered to women’s self-help groups that promote kitchen herbal gardens and teach the preparation of medicines using locally available plants, conserving their traditional knowledge as a ‘people’s health culture’.

For samples, wholesale and bulk orders of Herbal foods please send a mail, marking your message for the attention of Mrs.Parvathi Nagarajan
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2 Meera Herbal Food

In collaboration with SEDAB, this unit collects medicinal plants, processes them into products, and markets these products as food. The women blend Siddha and traditional herbal knowledge to produce  effective medicinal food products. The enterprise is working towards the empowerment and self-sufficiency of local indigenous Irula tribes.

For samples, wholesale and bulk orders of Herbal foods please send a mail, marking your message for the attention of Mrs.Parvathi Nagarajan

3 Nadukuppam Spirulina Unit

Women grow spirulina in natural sunlight providing a source of income while promoting a low cost, highly nutritious food supplement. The unit also provides spirulina for a successful health drink program for underweight students at the local primary and secondary schools, and also for elderly people.

Nadukuppam spirulina is produced with technical input and support from the Kazhuveli Environment Education Trust (KEET) and Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville.

For samples, wholesale and bulk orders of spirulina please message us on our contact page, attention of Arul and Lourde, or text Arul 9159636426 or Lourde 9943911698