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Ecological Restoration

Pitchandikulam Forest offers environmental solutions for land regeneration, water retention, reforestation and coastal restoration.

Starting 1973, our initial skills were gained transforming 70 acres of arid desert to the abundant, biological diversity Pitchandikulam Forest is today. We specialize in creating the water retention landscapes essential to low maintenance reforestation and flood management, and in restoring indigenous tropical dry evergreen (TDEF) trees. We also specialize in the creation of eco-parks and environmental education through eco-art. More on Pitchandikulam Forest Center.

What we offer:

  • Ecological master-planning — Holistic approach integrating terrain, water flow and wildlife considerations. Terrain assessment, design, collaboration and project implementation

    Large scale earth works

  • Consultation. Overseeing projects on large and small scales
  • Collaboration with local contractors, heavy equipment and local worker teams
  • Reforestation — Arboricultural assessments. Vegetation planning.
  • Specializing in indigenous TDEF, edible and medicinal trees.
  • Supply of of 40,000 seedlings in our Auroville nursery
  • Land regeneration creating low-maintenance, biologically diverse eco-parks for environmental education.
  • Efficient, timely service
  • English and Tamil speaking consultants
  • A diverse team including ecological planners, botanists, archeologists, farmers, archeologists. More on staff

Environmental benefit of projects:
Our projects restore barren and ruined land, mitigate both flooding and dry seasons, reduce soil erosion, increase biodiversity increased, save water, employ community, educate, conserve knowledge, and create spaces for education and leisure.

Projects completed and in process
Click here for a table of completed projects with tabs to allow selection of your particular projects of interest.

Testimonials — we need to get these from the businesses PFC have done project for.

Text and validity

Text / photos supporting the following points yet to write — needing input from people in PFC,

e.g. stories showing overcoming challenges

The eco-art, like Toyota, and the museum restoration, will go on Education page.

  • Does PFC deliver on time and on budget?
  • Proof of strong performance, outcomes, credentials that validate their claims.
  • Good resolution of challenges?
  • Initial assessment — restoration period — follow up