PF Water Restoration

Water Restoration Projects

Without water landscaping, Tamil Nadu’s sub-tropical monsoon creates flooding followed by dry season water scarcity. Water retention landscapes augment natural terrain slops with bunds, swales, water pathways and the deepening of lakes to prevent torrential rain washing top soil into the sea. Instead the water flow is slowed down, redirected and sunk into the soil, increasing the water table. Reforesting lakesides further helps prevent soil erosion.

These methods help preserve the ancestral water management prevalent in Tamil Nadu prior to industrialization. For land restoration, click here.

What we offer:

  • Ecological master-planning — Holistic approach integrating terrain, water flow and wildlife considerations. Terrain assessment, design, collaboration and project implementation
  • Consultation. Overseeing projects on large and small scales
  • Collaboration with local contractors, heavy equipment and local worker teams
  • Restoration of water bodies — Large scale earth works, pond/lake deepening
  • Creation of water retention landscapes, bunds, deepening of lakes, storm water management, lakeside forest planning to reduce soil erosion and silting of the lake.
  • Lake restoration – desalination take a lake, deepen, double capacity, reserve forest on one edge so a lot gets washed in cos of deforestation, if planting better trees in that area, that will arrest the soil and reduce silt flowing into the lake i.e. future envisioning
  • Coastal regeneration.
  • Natural grey-water filtration systems
  • Efficient, timely service
  • English and Tamil speaking consultants
  • A diverse team including ecological planners, botanists, archeologists, farmers, archeologists. More on staff