Spiritual Counseling

Specialized support during transformational challenges, kundalini awakening and integration after mystical experiences. Details

Ecstatic Dance

Transformational dance journeys, embodied movement classes, dance/meditation/chanting/yoga fusion. Details


A wide range of workshops offering inner shifts and skills and for personal and collective transformation. Details


Get the help you need – any time, anywhere in the world

In-person, phone and Skype consultations

Kaia offers capable, caring support during unusual states of consciousness. Drawing from extensive first hand experience, scientific research and client work, she can guide your way forward through her understanding and a range of therapeutic methods.

  • Non-medical approach focused on positive outcomes
  • Guidance, practical steps and free resources

Kaia specializes in altered states of consciousness arising from meditation, kundalini awakening, mystical experiences, shamanic ceremonies, workshops, retreats, recreational drugs, life stresses, or grace (no apparent reason!). She brings context to help understand unusual experiences, keep balance with daily life, manage sensitivity and integrate transformational shifts to reap their gifts.

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Kaia offers:
Listening, Support on your path, decades of experience, transformation tools or emotional clearing and embodied awareness, shamanic journeying, mentoring


Why Spiritual Counselling?

Rapid change in the world around us combined with deep disillusionment with our current paradigm means many are awakening. It’s not always easy. Raw, intuitive eyes looking out on a misaligned world can be despairing, especially when what was previously believed or trusted is found to be limited or false. The awakened are fish swimming up stream amidst shoals swimming to industrial tunes. The awakened are currently misunderstood and disparaged by adherents to traditional ways. Someone who understands is a lifeline.

There are ways to manage, integrate and adjust to these inner and outer changes. Transformation has its own logic, which when worked with, makes navigation much easier. Conventional health professionals believe in a chemical model that omits our spiritual essence, intent and power to heal. Their model omits the parts life force energy, emotions and karmic past play in our challenges and gifts. It takes one who has gone through deep transformational difficulty and has sat with spiritual anomalies long enough to figure them out.

Our journey is shortened by having our questions answered. Our spiritual path becomes more direct, effective and on target. Drawing from someone with experience can go a long way. We don’t all need to invent all our wheels first hand!

Free 15 minute session

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Self-help Book and DVD:

Journey Through Transformation

The self-help book for spiritual crisis, transformational ups and downs, kundalini phenomena and other anomalies common during n. Available here

Spiritual Emergency

This documentary helps explain altered states, common awakening experiences, statistical research and positive outcomes. Includes graphics and interviews with 3 medical doctors and 6 experiencers.Available here. Trailer here