Individual transformation,
collective evolution

It’s a challenging yet powerfully transformative time to be alive. We’ve all been through our individual times of chaos, breakdown, and breakthrough. This time we’re doing it together. Everyone one of us who have faced our shadows, released conditioning, and found peace in uncertainty is a guiding light at this crucial junction in humanity’s history.

If you’re reading this page you likely chose to be a guiding light at this time. If you’re sinking, faced with more than you can handle, click here

!The old paradigm is on its way out. Clinging to it will be painful. It has served its purpose to bring us to where we are now, ready for a more sustainable, loving future.

Humanity is at a cross-roads. Technocrats are offering one way forward: AI hookup to the Internet of Things through 5G and repeated injections. There’d be no need to take responsibility or think things through – this will be done for you. Your choices will be limited.

Another possibility is to move collectively into way of being that is more aligned with Spirit and the natural world, which can be as joyous, loving, truthful and free as we are open to envision it. Economy could be about sourcing needs with as little labour, energy and resources possible, freeing up time for creative arts, learning, celebration, and evolution, replacing the motivation of economic growth with personal and collective growth.

It’s easier than we think. From an open heart, see how education, health care, decision making would look and feel if based on love, trust and harmony (rather than profit). As the untruths of governing, media and health institutions unravel, these previous systems will naturally fall away. No doubt there’ll be disillusionment and hurt to heal, but the way will be open for the new to step in. How good do we want it?!

If we are willing to source directly from inner awareness, using senses other than the mind, and stand in truth, we can replace patriarchy and all hierarchical systems with mutual shared responsibility, collaboration and co-creativity. Not everyone can do this, but if you’ve read this far, the chances are you can. As confidence builds you will inspire others, lend a hand to step into the deep comfort of their own authenticity.

We don’t all have to be the same, personally or collectively. This time beckons us to step out of the box and find ways that feel right. Each area can discover the values and lifestyles that suit its terrain and its people. A global wide brush is replaced by unique solutions and ways of finding balance with the natural world its interconnected with. Nature can teach us, in silence, by being in trees, on the earth, beside water and allowing these elements to bring us back to alignment within ourselves.


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