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Journey Through Transformation
A manual for navigating spiritual awakening and the challenges of increased sensitivity, unusual energy phenomena, lack of grounding, roller coaster emotions, and integrating everyday life that often accompany. © 2007. Get your copy

“Visions – Co-creating our Future” published August, 2014, offers possibilities for a sustainable, fulfilling future based on current technology and know how by streamlining resources, energy and labour. We look at the beliefs we need to shift to allow this possibility, feet-on-the-ground action to move the vision forward, and explore a new story for humanity.
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Spiritual Emergency In this ground-breaking documentary, three medical doctors share perspectives along with 6 people who have experienced profound change through awakening. Documentary includes graphic representations of inner processes and statistics drawn from research. © 2006. Get your copy

Inner Quiet
Beautiful, relaxing, inspired music recorded in the Himalayas to capture the tranquility of a meditative life there. © 2002. Available only from Kaia, in person or through PayPal. Click here to contact her.