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During CoVid: Sliding scale for those who are dedicated to collective transformation

Kaia offers capable, caring support during unusual states of consciousness. Drawing from extensive first hand experience, scientific research and client work, she can guide your way forward through her understanding and a range of therapeutic methods.

  • Focused on your chosen desired outcomes
  • Guidance, practical steps and free resources to support your process

You can tell Kaia anything. She has experience with inter dimensional consciousness, kundalini awakening, mystical experiences, shamanic ceremonies, workshops, retreats, and the effect of life stresses on spiritual transformation. If you are in unusual states of consciousness, she will offer contexts of understanding and ways to keep manage sensitivity, integrate, maintain balance with daily life, and align more closely with your life purpose.

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Kaia offers:

Listening, Support on your path, decades of experience, transformation tools or emotional clearing and embodied awareness, shamanic journeying, mentoring

Why Spiritual Counselling?

Rapid change in the world around us combined with deep disillusionment with our current paradigm means many are awakening. It’s not always easy. Raw, intuitive eyes looking out on a misaligned world can be despairing, especially when what was previously believed or trusted is found to be limited or false. The awakened are fish swimming up stream amidst shoals swimming to industrial tunes. The awakened are currently misunderstood and disparaged by adherents to traditional ways. Someone who understands is a lifeline.

There are ways to manage, integrate and adjust to these inner and outer changes. Transformation has its own logic, which when worked with, makes navigation much easier. Conventional health professionals believe in a chemical model that omits our spiritual essence, intent and power to heal. Their model omits the parts life force energy, emotions and karmic past play in our challenges and gifts. It takes one who has gone through deep transformational difficulty and has sat with spiritual anomalies long enough to figure them out.

Our journey is shortened by having our questions answered. Our spiritual path becomes more direct, effective and on target. Drawing from someone with experience can go a long way. We don’t all need to invent all our wheels first hand!

Getting help during spiritual crisis: When our inner worlds shifts or cracks, there are few people we can turn to. Everyone else appears comfortable in their reality, unable to understand someone in free-fall. You might hear, “you look fine…” or “what’s wrong with you that you can’t keep things together!” – all without getting the help and understanding you need.

With understanding and guidance you can heal, rebalance, and come out the other side stronger and clearer. While our circumstance differs, our embodied machinery has a logic that can be worked with, turning challenges into gifts.

You’ll get:
– compassionate listening and decades of experience. She’s been there.
– a practical, non-medical approach that puts a fully healed you in the centre of the picture.
– ways to increase balance, tailored to your needs and lifestyle
– a positive context to help you understand your experiences and challenges
– client centred session – you set the direction you aspire to
– help with fears, emotions and trauma that may surface with spiritual openness
– helpful practices to integrate shifts made during sessions with your daily life
– links to free online resources to help your finances go further

Kaia can especially help you with:
– Oversensitivity, strange energy sensations, loss of balance
– Dark night of the soul. Depression.
– Bliss-depression roller coasters (sometimes diagnosed as bipolar)
– Floaty, ungrounded, dissociated (sometimes diagnosed as schizophrenia)
– Strange mystical experiences, unusual energy phenomena, entities, past lives
– Loss of faith – in the world, in spirituality or religion, in oneself
– Loss of interest in previous career path, relationships or leisure activities


Use the contact form HERE to arrange a session time. Indicate times you are available and if you are in crisis.

In person (Kaia is currently in Ottawa): $95/hr 9-5:00; 3 session bundle $225. After 5:00 pm and at weekends $120/hr. Funds can be emailed to contact (at) kaia . ca and through credit card or PayPal, using the button below.

Online or phone:
$50 Canadian for 1/2 hour ($38 US)
$75 Cdn 1 hour, ($57 US)
$90 1 1/2 hours  ($68 US)
3 x 1 hr sessions bundle: $195 Cdn;
5 session bundle $290 Cdn

Couples and friends can share sessions
If you seek help but have insufficient exchange, tell me something about yourself. Inspire me! I’m essentially here to help.