Proposed Scedule:
Monday, October 2, Unity Pavilion
6:15 – 8:45 DUP open to all

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday October 3 – 5
8:30 am – 3 pm: Tibetan Pavilion
Creating sacred space
Exploring the origins, context and deeper meaning of the songs/chants;
Learning new chants and dances, Facilitation technique,

6:30 – 8:30 pm Just dance.Tibetan Pavilion
A chance to facilitate and receive feedback Wednesday dance is open to all

Friday October 6 morning TBA
Q&A and sharing

We just need to cover expenses, which estimate maximum 1600/- should cover the space rental and Arjun’s needs. We can refund some if find we are in surplus. Contact if you would love to attend but have special financial needs.

Lunch: The venue offers the option of catered lunch Tuesday to Thursday. The menu and cost will be posted here when available. The Visitor’s Center nearby has several restaurants, including inexpensive dosas and higher end menus, + ice-cream and pastries.

Accommodation: Rooms with three beds in each are available on location for 1680/-  per night (tax included), which is just 560/- each if three share, 840 if two share.
Please write directly to stating the number of people and for how many days you’d like to stay.
Other guest houses are also available in and around Auroville.

How to get to Auroville and other useful info: