Conscious Sustainability

As we become more aligned with spirit and the natural world that supports us, we will naturally gravitate towards new economic systems that don’t require us to devastate our planet to prosper. Let’s think out of the box! There are limits to how much we can evolve inside without yearning for more loving ways of living cooperatively with all other life forms on this planet. Conscious sustainability aligns our lifestyles with spirit and the natural world around us.

Our current debt and growth based economic model is killing our ecology, and killing us. People all over the world are devastating forests, oceans and air quality because this economy demands they each make sufficient dollars. There are other options. As our current economic system cracks and breaks, we can envision a new way. This 7 minute video is an over-view of a another possibility to provide all our needs with the least energy, resources and labour possible, and reduce work hours and stress while radically decreasing humanity’s environmental impact.

Year Round Growing

Workshops and consulting available: How to make and use simple season extenders using recycled materials, adding weeks or months to your growing season.


Container Gardening

Convert unused driveway, paved areas, roof tops, decks and steps to vegetable, fruit and herb growing areas. Learn which containers you can grow in, which sizes for which plants, explore soil mix options to maximize nutrition and water retention.

Year round organic growing

Learn how to grow fresh organic produce throughout winter! come join me  and container gardening, soil mixes and nutrition, what will grow during winter, when to plant it, sun angles, window growing and ad-hoc low budget season extenders, and how to maximize your winter yield. Location Centertown, $30

If you missed this workshop, call (613) 565-6336 or e-mail new to find out when the next one will be.

This salad was fresh picked December 27th, 2015. Even small amounts of fresh picked foods make a great difference to my vitality., and even tending a few containers of herbs, lettuce or cherry tomatoes helps keep me in touch with the soil, the seasons and the natural world. This is a very low maintenance, convenient way of growing.

Kaia and Rob Hopkins having tea in Totnes, May 2015

Transition Ottawa Meet-up Feb 23 2017

Off-grid EcoVillage Farmsteading

Rene Suarez

Rene Suarez is travelling from Toronto to share with us his experience starting an off-grid ecovillage/farmstead, part of a new Ecovillage Incubator program. This is a great opportunity to learn from feet-on-the-ground working in with Ontario’s weather and laws.

Rene will share with us tools and frameworks and apply them to three Ontario startup scenarios, including highlights from Bee City Canada & Skillseed’s own pollinator habitat/food forest/off-grid homestead near Orangeville, started in 2016, which is planning to grow 3 more acres of Food Forest and launch a group CSA market garden in 2017. This presentation includes elements of permaculture, green building, upcycling, living off-grid, living in community.

Visions for a sustainable, conscious future

Powerpoint presentation with colourful graphics PhotoShopping familiar city scenes into vibrant new possibilities; show-casing exciting possibilities already up-and-running in other countries.


Urban Permaculture Design Consultation

Increase the yield and beauty of your back garden using urban applications of permaculture to maximize the use of your sunlight, soil, slope, fences, and walls.

Home-grown pepper picked during Ottawa’s winter: January, 2015.