Kaia’s Training

Kaia’s training includes many modalities – spiritual, healing and earth oriented. Her life has been dedicated to exploring consciousness, understanding how we tick (personally and collectively) and discovering how we can transition into a more conscious, sustainable, loving way of being. During the last 30 years, she has inspired thousands of people towards inner peace, health and wellbeing, through workshops, classes, transformational coaching, her books and films.

Current location:

Currently based in down town Ottawa, Canada from Spring to Fall, Kaia offers workshops, talks, presentations and trainings and inner crisis support internationally. All stages of transformation are encompassed, from confusion and chaos during dark nights of the soul to learning how to ground awakening into practical skills and sustainability.

Academic Training

BSc Psychology; MA Psychology
Honorary PhD Meditation

Therapeutic modalities

Stress management
Meditation – many traditions
Yoga drawn from many traditions
Pranayama, Somatics, Dance
Emotional underlying issues
Energy medicine, qigong
YoQiDa – yoga+qigong+dance

Spiritual Crisis Counselling

Kaia has direct experience of kundalini awakening and all the transformational challenges of emotional clearing and grounding that go with strange energy phenomena, mystical states and profound inner change.  Author of “Journey Through Transformation” Documentary “Spiritual Emergency.”

Kaia melds spirituality with science. She gathered data on 110 awakened people’s process of awakening; her Masters thesis explored the inner experience of meditation.


Therapeutic modalities

Emotional Clearing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Sand Tray Therapy, Shamnic Journeying, Art therapy, Music therapy, Sound Healing, EDxTM, Yogic practices and Qigong.

Mental clearing

The Work of Byron Katie, Mindful meditation, Yogic practice & philosophy

Creative skills

Musician, singer, chanter, harp, singing bowls, tuning forks, flutes, piano, guitar, percussion, vocals, harmony singing, chakra toning. Graphic artist, Film maker

Giving to the community

Kaia volunteers her time running events and writing the newsletter for Transition Ottawa, part of a global community of grass roots people with positive-visions for a local, resilient future. She is also co-founder of OCCN, Ottawa’s Community Currency Network. She gives presentations and workshops on urban sustainability; re-greening our cities with edibles, year-round container gardening, rooftop gardening and visioning a viable, sustainable, fun world

Collective Transformation

Part of our collective transformation, the Great Turning, is the shift towards a way of life that is in alignment with spirit and the natural world. Her training includes Permaculture PDC, communicating with plants, shamanic training and work with ceremonial Amazon plant medicines.

Kaia bikes year round, grows organic food, and lives a low carbon daily life.


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