Transformational Crisis

When our inner worlds crack or implode, there are few people we can turn to. We look out on a world where everyone else appears comfortable in their reality, unable to understand someone in free-fall. You might hear, “you look fine…” or “what’s wrong with you that you can’t…” Only empaths can sense the inside of you.

Common experiences:
– Oversensitivity, strange energy sensations, loss of balance
– Dark night of the soul. Depression.
– Bliss-depression roller coasters (sometimes diagnosed as bipolar)
– Floaty, ungrounded, dissociated (sometimes diagnosed as schizophrenia)
– Strange mystical experiences, unusual energy phenomena, entities, past lives
– Loss of faith – in the world, in spirituality or religion, in oneself
– Loss of interest in previous career path, relationships or leisure activities

Kaia offers:
– compassionate listening and decades of experience. She’s been there.
– a practical, non-medical approach that puts a fully healed you in the center of the picture.
– ways to increase balance – spiritually, emotionally and in daily life, tailored to your needs and lifestyle
– a positive context to help you understand your experiences and challenges
– client centred session – you set the direction you aspire to
– help with fears, emotions and trauma that may surface with spiritual openness
– helpful practices to integrate shifts made during sessions with your daily life
– links to free online resources to help your finances go further

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In person (Kaia is currently in Ottawa): $95/hr 9-5:00; 3 session bundle $225. After 5:00 pm and at weekends $120/hr. Funds can be emailed to contact (at) kaia . ca and through credit card or PayPal, using the button below.

Online or phone: $50 1/2 hour; $75 1 hour, $90 1 1/2 hours
3 x 1 hr sessions bundle: $195; 5 session bundle $290

Couples and friends can share sessions
If you seek help but have insufficient exchange, tell me something about yourself. Inspire me!

Any time we move outside of our usual framework of seeing, life looks and feels different. While this takes adjusting to, shifts into higher consciousness enable more freedom, creativity, self empowerment and opening to new abilities. Along the way, we can often do with some guidance – to deal with sensitivity, weird energy or crisis of faith, to understand the transformation process, integrate with friends, family and colleagues (who want you to remain as you used to be!). Moments of enlightenment, bliss and insight can alternate with dark nights of the soul that can feel eternal, and often there is no one who understands.

Spiritual crisis is misunderstood by those who haven’t been through it. If you feel ‘out of the box,’ weird or estranged from those around you, contact Kaia for support and for any guidance you are looking for (Kaia’s sessions are client centred – you decide what you need).  Even one session can give you enough understanding, skills and resources to set you in a positive direction.

Most of us prefer life to be smooth and easy. It isn’t always like that. Powerful bright times can alternate with anxiety and depression. It’s unsettling, but it’s OK. Everything that is happening is for a reason, and you’ll come through in a higher level of functioning. There are millions of people awakening right now. You are part of this!

Personal evolution isn’t always easy. Experiences of tremendous light and bliss root up unhealed memories and ‘dark nights of the soul.’ Emotional clearing is a powerful way forward, and you can learn how to do it. Kaia will share with you skills to help you move through turbulent times as quickly and easily as possible.

Spiritual crisis resources on this website

Take a look around this site. There’s a FAQ page information, articles, and resources. Kaia’s book “Journey Through Transformation” is a great self-help resource. Her documentary “Spiritual Emergency” can help you (or sceptical family and friends!) better understand the context and the experiences that surround awakening, shifts in consciousness and profound personal transformation. You’ll also find graphs of data gleaned from Kaia’s research.

Balance and integration

Kaia draws from many traditions, using breath work, yoga, emotional clearing, shamanic journeying, qigong, tapping and grounding practices to help stabilize, rebalance and integrate internal changes. Her extensive experience helps put unusual experiences and perceptions in context, giving philosophical and practical contexts when needed, reducing confusion and enabling you to move forward with confidence.