Spiritual Empowerment

To book your session:

Click here. Kaia will reply as soon as she can. To reduce correspondence, you can add on the contact form the times (and time zone) you would find most convenient, and whether you are currently in spiritual crisis.

Empowerment sessions accelerate your transformation. Having clarified your spiritual and practical aspirations, we’ll find ways to build towards them, building your internal center, love, awareness, compassion and focus.

Advanced yogic techniques, shamanic journeying, ceremony, shadow work, emotional clearing, and ways to build your personal energy field can be explored as needed, When in turbulent water, we’ll use ancient practices to build stamina, insight and resilience. When you are in a strong place, we’ll delve deeper and push edges.

We need two wings to fly to freedom One wing opens light, clarity, consciousness and joy
the other wing shines this light on our shadows until our limitations dissolve

Kaia draws from 20 years as a yogic practitioner living in ashrams, 13 years in the Himalayas, 30 years teaching, facilitating and counselling, and training in a variety of energy-related and shamanic disciplines. Go to About for more details on Kaia’s training.

Skype or phone: $45 1/2 hour; $70 1 hour, $95 1 1/2 hours
3 x 1 hr sessions bundle: $195;   5 session bundle $290

In person: $85/hr 9-5:00; 3 sessions $225;  After 5:00 pm and at weekends $110/hr .

Couples/friends may share a session for the same price.
Student rates and sliding scale may be available – please inquire

Payments can be e-mailed to contact (at) kaia.ca
or made through this PayPal ‘Donate’ button which has credit card options

Getting our heads out of the social box

Our inner awareness is always free, and have never been limited by conditions or any life experience. Meditation and breathe practices allow us deeper and more consistent access to this awareness, bringing inner constancy, joy and satisfaction, and a lightness that allows us to play life’s game rather than feel the victim of it. Movement and energy practices enhance vitality and health, and strengthen, integrate and root our our awareness in our physical bodies and the world around us. At this time, we are able to draw the best from the world’s traditions. What you can conceive of being, you can build through practice and intent.

Breaking out of our shells

Seeing, dissolving and replacing limiting patterns is also an art that can be learned and gently practiced.

We continue to be run by patterns until we see them, and in some cases, release underlying emotions that cement the need for them. There is only so much we can see in ourselves; an external witness greatly speeds the process, and introduces compassion, transformational skills and a positive path forward your chosen life direction.