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Thursday January 4  

New Beginnings

Get 2018 off to an Ecstatic start. Sweat off surplus calories with two upbeat waves of vibrant, fun rhythms: a wave to release the old, a wave dancing our inspiration, love and openness, with a zany intentional movement experience interlude.

Move into the the new ways you desire to co-create.
Expect the unexpected…

Cacao seeds at opening circle for those who like.

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Previous dances

Thursday December 7,  7:00 – 9:00 pm


As winter approaches, we gain warmth, support and joy together. Invitations are offered to open hearts and dance together – if you wish to. Heart-opening cacao seeds at the opening circle set an intent for openness, and Celtic and First Nations sounds to tap into our community roots.

Dancing together in integrates the freedom of our spirits into with surrounding dancers, love, motion and mother nature in the wood floor beneath our feet.

Friday November 17,  7:30 – 9:30 pm
EmpowerMe Yoga Studio, 1712 Carling,

Free Spirits

Dance to dissolves tension, limitation and separation. Bring your breathe and movement closer to your inherently free spirit self. Be wild. Be free. Details

Come straight onto the dance floor – music will already be playing. We’ll have the opening circle and introduce the evening’s theme after we’re all arrived and warmed up. Rhythms start slow and gentle, build to a crescendo and drop down into serene stillness.


October 5


Dance with tonight’s powerful full moon energy. Witness and release the many ways we hold ourselves back, until only our empowered true nature remains, vibrant and free.

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” –Marianne Williamson.


September 7

Let it go

This Ecstatic Dance invites us to release all held tension and return to authentic flow and freedom. Whether it is resistance to life or unhealed relationships, come release it all, playfully, deeply, emotionally or energetically, as moves you.

June 9

Multicultural Journey

A joyous ecstatic dance expressing local music around the world in loving celebration of unity with all people. From the still Tibetan plateau to China, Japan, Latin America, Carribean, Africa, Celtic, Russian, Middle East, India, we’l
l softly land back in Tibet for our close.
Many voices called out, “Do this playlist again!” after and Ecstatic Dance in 2015. A bit slow getting around to it, but here it is.

June 2

Breath Flow

Once activated, vibrant dance naturally arises from the core of our being. Energy Flow Ecstatic Dance helps activate our internal lifeforce qi through YoQiDa breath and movement which we can carry throughout our dance.

Kaia will be down on the dance guiding us through, drawing from adaptations of practices learned during her time in the Himalayas, all set to flowing music creating a more facilitated beginning and end than usual.

For those who missed the March 31st “Embodied Awakening” dance, this dance is along a similar exploration.

We’ll be dropping right into the body and breath with our full awareness, so it’s not the best dance to bring children to this one – bring them June 9!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

May 12


Amidst varied rhythms and melodies, as we let our bodies go, if we wish we can explore shifting our awareness from an inner focus moving instinctively with no one to fit with, to focusing outside of us, matching our rhythms, flow or movement with those around us. As we immerse in music and movement, inner-outer dissolves, we delightfully lose our individual selves. We are meditation in motion; inner and outer merge as one field.

Your soul is a seeker, lover and artist; shape-shifting through archetypal energy, between your darkness and fields of light, your body and spirit, your heaven and hell, until you land in the moment of sweet surrender; when you, as dancer, disappear into the dance.
Gabrielle Roth


May 19


Come to be danced, get into the rhythm, breath love together, and be fully alive in joyous celebration of our coming on earth.
What better way to spend a birthday than to dance our gratitude to our lives – and enjoy birthday cake and fruit afterwards. Live music jam later in the dance.

April 14

Wild Free Spirits

Ecstatic Dance with a zany touch to express the wild, weird, fun, ecstatic and playful sides of us. Great dance rhythms with unexpected moments…

April 21

Earth Day Eve 

Sage smudge, calling in directions, live drumming and didgeridoo, woven with First Nations chants and prayers for return to harmony with all life forms, globally. Great foot stomping rhythms with intention, sending healing to the mother earth.


March 31

Embodied Awakening

Awakened life force and embodied enlightenment meet flowing stretches, qigong and breath work on the dance floor set to music at the start to open energy meridians, chakras and vitality, moving seamlessly into freely expressive Ecstatic Dance moving to high vibration rhythms and upbeat chanting, cooling off back into YoQiDa, breath, guided meditation, toning and that joyful post-Ecstatic dance bliss.

This session is likely more focused and transformative than most of our younger folk might be interested in.

March 10

Rebirth into Freedom

This Ecstatic Dance opens us towards fearless courage to be fully creative, truthful and alive, widening our freedom to live more authentically and passionately as we rise above our fears of living and dying.

Amidst vibrant, rhythms, world beat music and freely expressive dance, there’ll be an unusual, dramatic moment, all of us together. Join us for this freedom experience on the special evening when much of the world is still, and the power of the moon is almost full.

 January 27, 2017


Authenticity naturally emerges when we sink into our breath and bones, letting go of our sense of thinking we are supposed to be any way other than we naturally are. Peeling away our masks, all that remains is free expression, rhythms and melodies unapologetically dancing through us.  “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ― C.G. Jung

Belonging – November 25

Belonging starts with embodying, breathing and coming alive, then moves out to connect with fellow movers. We dissolve our edges as we dance, expressing both centered autonomy and interconnected openness.
As nights lengthen, we are warmly together to warmly explore beautiful rhythms and melodies. Research shows that connection and belonging are the perfect antidotes to separateness, addiction and aloneness, aside from being a joyful way to spend our Friday evenings!
DJ Kaia $15 at the door.

Thanksgiving Abundance –

October 14

Dances of gratitude and joy honouring the many harvests that enrich us – our health, our Ecstatic Dance tribe, our many drums and instruments, talented musicians who allow us to create the soundscape we move to, and the lineage of free-form dance, that goes back to indigenous ancestors, with feet on the ground, and drums beating.

DJs Sarah and Kaia $15. Parking in school parking lot opposite.

Fall Equinox Ecstatic Dance – September 23

Celebrate this gorgeous summer and shine sunny energy into dreams we aspire to dance into action this Fall. Dance like nobody is watching with our loving, free-spirited dance community.

This is an all-dance evening with the best of world music: a gentle warm-up start, expressive lyrical music, and foot-stomping rhythms to merge with the sounds and pulse with the beat. All welcome – no previous experience needed. $15.

D.J. Kaia

Creative Flow

September 9

Come pulse with the beat, release into movement, cast off structure, and reveal the well-spring of your creative flow. Your authentic, uninhibited movement is a medicine that brings you back to your center, and your sense of freedom.

DJs: Kaia and Stardust