Kaia offers:

Counselling and coaching:

Specializing in transformational crisis, stress, spiritual problems, integration after meditation retreats, plant medicine ceremony and other deep inner work, and integrating kundalini and mystical awakenings.


Talks and presentations, Ecstatic Dance, participatory chanting concerts, workshops and professional training.


Blocks of classes teaching meditation, yoga, chanting and other skills that raise our frequency, enhance health, deepen our peace of mind, increase our health and facilitate moving towards a conscious, sustainable future.


Kaia speaks  and gives presentations internationally, offering inspiring insights into how a conscious, sustainable future will look and feel, aspects of our mental framework we need to ‘re-script’ to move into this future.

Humanity is cutting a new edge, combining time honoured and brand new methods to peel off layers, heal, upgrade our minds, expand our consciousness enabling us to live in closer alignment to spirit and the natural world if we choose. All classes, events and individual sessions offered serve this personal and collective transformation.

Personal change is a subtle art. We each embody aspects of clarity, wisdom and freedom alongside unhealed past experiences, unconscious fears, and habitual life patterns simultaneously. While each of us tread unique paths, there are underlying of transformation principles and contextual understanding that can be shared to facilitate each other’s growth and healing.