Transformation Coach

Kaia offers compassionate and practical support during profound transformation, spiritual awakening and inner crisis. She has been there, she understands.

She uses a range client centred, non-clinical therapies that include: empathic listening, stress management, emotional clearing, yogic science, creative therapy, EFT, qigong, sound healing, sand tray therapy and Byron Katie’s worksheets.

Some clients seek to open their higher awareness, some seek to integrate and become more grounded. Kaia offers tailor-made spiritual practice for your needs that fit your schedule and your budget. She clarity and support when withdrawing from religious or spiritual paths and relationships.

She draws from her MA in psychology, scientific research exploring the challenges of spiritual awakening and 20 years working with clients in spiritual crisis who have brought a wide variety of energy-related, emotional and mystical problems.

Spiritually oriented counselling is especially useful when:

Experiencing weird phenomena you would prefer not to tell your doctor

  • Kundalini, kriyas, and other phenomenon
  • Past lives. A sense of ‘not being from here.’
  • Spirit guides. Entities. Sorcery. Healing ability.
  • Sensitivity to energy, EMF, foods, emotions.

Much that is experienced during spiritual transformation doesn’t fit in neat behavioural and chemical boxes in the measurable world.

  • Integrating high energy, intuition and sensitivity
  • Smoothly handling friends, relatives and medical professionals
  • The science of unusual states of consciousness
  • Chakras, aura anatomy, timeliness

Individual sessions

Centretown, Ottawa:
call (613) 565-6336 for booking and location details
$85 per hour 10:45 am – 5:00 pm $95 evenings 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Small group sessions

Private session shared between family members, couples or friends

$95 daytimes, $110 evenings.

Phone and Skype

By appointment only. $70/hr; $40 for 30 minutes.
Convenient paypal payment E-mail to arrange an appointment,
or call (613) 565-6336

.Kaia experienced kundalini awakening (1983) and a roller coaster of blissful awareness alternating with arising traumatic memories. It is not the easiest of processes – but, having come out the other side, she discovered many creative abilities, strength, clarity and the ability to be in service to spirit, and is a living testament that there everyone can heal and transform, and there is nothing more worthwhile. While sometimes harrowing, the path to authenticity and discovering one’s gifts is a rich and beautiful journey – one that joyfully continues.

.The transformational path is far from ordinary. As a counsellor, I hear the strange and wonderful experiences most people are shy to share since there is an intrinsic emotional awareness that senses the openness to deep acceptance of what is. Rather than pathologizing the unusual, we explore it in a spiritually transformative framework encouraging personal growth, self-actualization and discovering our gifts. We come to understand our energetic and psychic anatomy, how to clear emotional memories and glean their teachings, how to ground light into personal growth and useful work. We all have so much un-tapped potential!

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