Toolbox for Awakening – October 21-22

A two day immersion in restorative approaches for deep personal transformation. Re-open your consciousness and increase inspiration through gentle movement, Shinrin Yoku, sound, breathe, silence and shamanic journeying. $260 before Oct 7, $295 after + B&B if you’d like to stay overnight.

Outline – Workshop content will adapt to participants, so times are approximate


Some previous meditation practice and personal work. Total beginners will likely find themselves out of depth with this course content. Saturday is a deep immersion in a variety of practices.

One scholarship place If you’d love to be on this retreat but don’t have the means, let me know where you’re at in your journey and your life situation for a chance to enjoy a $120 discount.

10:00 am Opening circle. Where are you in your transformative journey, and where are you aiming for?
10:30 am What is Transformation? Integrating and benefitting your daily life.
11:00 Relaxation: Opening awareness – being with what is. Guided embodied journey.
11:30 Opening up – body, mind and spirit
12:00 The power of sound
12:30 Silent sit

1:00 Lunch break. Take time to relax or walk in the woods.
2:00 Transformation Clinic Q&A or free time.

Saturday cont’d
3:00 Shinrin Yoku
5:00 pm Dinner and down time. Take time to relax or walk in the woods.
7:00 pm Meditation in movement
8:00 pm Introducing Zen Meditation with Louis Radakir

10:00 am Cultivating transformative centeredness through breath and movement
11:00 am Toolbox of meditative practices for all moods

12:30 – 2:00 pm Lunch – Take time to relax or walk in the woods.

2:00 Guided shamanic journey
3:00 Resources to support your evolution. Setting intentions.
4:00 Closing circle