Rapidly opening awareness

It is awesome to see the number of people that are opening to a deeper awareness of life, living closer to their truth, and often learning new skills and healing arts. Transformation seems to be accelerating quickly.

It feels like days have special energies. It is interesting how often it happens that a whole group of people will agree that a particular day is a ‘good’ day, a tired day, a scattered-mind day or a great day for meditation. Some days just seem to be more clear and ‘high energy’ than others, and perhaps these special days are part of this acceleration we are sensing.

Coming up around the 8th-9th weekend – especially between late Saturday and early Sunday, there promises to be a very open time. It is a harmonic convergence created by planets lining up in sextile, culminating at the full moon (around 1:00 a.m. Ottawa time). It is likely that high frequencies of consciousness will flood us all that weekend – it’s a good time to be in meditation, or to be still and receptive.

An article about this harmonic convergence writes, “the Cosmic I AM will lift every man, woman and child a quantum leap into the remembrance of the Oneness of ALL life”

What if this were to happen, how ready would we be for this shift in awareness? Are we sufficiently grounded, sufficiently surrendered to Spirit and its ways to simply step into Truth?

And if these great shifts in consciousness happen, we could also ask ourselves if we have the support in place to guide people through this transformational time – to help assimilate the energy and adjust to new perceptions and frequencies of consciousness when they open.

Already there are many people here in Ottawa in the midst of what in a native culture would be called a shamanic transformation. The increasing numbers hints that maybe profound shifts in consciousness are already happening more than we might think.

We tend to assume that we should be able to just step through into the light, step into the enlightened mind, and immediately be all that we know ourselves to be as incarnated spirit. In awareness we can – we can immediately be anything we conceive of since awareness is completely fluid and free. We forget to allow for the fact that the body, mind, emotions and energy fields are slower moving. They sometimes need time to cast off their shadows before resonating with more light, to clear blockages that hinder the increased energy flow through them, to take time to understand why their perceptions have changed so radically, or they need help balancing the energy. Finding one’s feet while adjusting to new sensitivities and abilities is something we need to allow ourselves and others time for.

The ability to ground these increasingly powerful light energies is really important. If we are open at the crown and not at the base or feet, we end up accumulating uncomfortable amounts of energy. When well grounded, the energy flows through easily. We become like a conduit, a circuit of energy, a brook. In order to open more, we need to be more grounded, just as to enable a tree to grow taller it needs deeper roots.

The spirit never needs help – it is fine the way it is. What we see needing support during transformation is the body-mind-emotions and energy fields of the transforming people. As the shifts in consciousness become more powerful, more helpers who understand the mechanics of spiritual transformation will be needed to support others into a new way of being and thinking. We could do with at least one in every community. We have the medical system, the fire brigade, AA., and we could also do with a network of understanding people to help integrate the new frequencies of awareness, so when the doors of consciousness open, people will know where to go for support.